Aliso Viejo Christian School values technology and recognizes that it is essential in our desire to educate our students to their fullest potential in the world we live in today. Technology is introduced to our students at different ages in a variety of ways.  These students will collaborate with one another and their teachers using interactive white boards (Eno Boards) and document cameras in every classroom beginning in Junior Kindergarten and continuing up through eighth grade. Beginning in grades JK-5, our students experience technology once a week in our designated Computer Lab.  They will work with our Computer Technology instructor to explore safe and responsible uses of technology.  As the students gain experience, they are given more independence to explore different software applications and how they can be utilized to complete occasional assignments in their classroom. As students transition into Middle School, their use of technology becomes further integrated into their learning. There are laptop carts in every classroom with enough computers for each student. Each student will have the opportunity to sign up for a technology-based elective during grades six through eight. Sixth grade begins with Video Production to begin making movies that tell a visual story.

They will write scripts and use Claymation to explore fun camera shooting techniques to tell a story.  The students will work on lab computers and iPad minis using Movie Maker and iMovie software which teaches students to utilize technology to enhance assignments using exciting sights and sounds.  In 7th grade our students can elect to take Intro to Coding where they can learn how to use their problem-solving skills to build their own games using CodeCombat and be the “creator” of the projects. Students will also unlock the tools needed to create challenging puzzles and practice their game design skills using Python. In 8 th  grade our students have the opportunity to take Legos Robotics using the Lego Mindstorms EV3 kits, enabling them to actively develop the problem solving skills and collaborative outlook necessary to become creators, not just consumers. Our students will build, program, and test their solutions based on real-life robotics technology.

While AVCS will continue to update and utilize current technologies on our campus, our Administration stands by research that has proven that “at AVCS we are much more than the sum total of our laptops and software, our school invests in the approach to learning and teaching of the whole student.”


Technology Resources

  • State-of-the-art Computer Lab equipped with 28 Desktop Computers and class set of iPads
  • Digital Library Media Center
  • 14 class sets of laptops
  • Class set of Legos EV3 Robotics kits
  • 25 interactive white boards (Eno boards)
  • 25 document cameras
  • iPad centers in JK-2