Kevin Murphy


Kevin Murphy

It is such a privilege to be serving as your Director of Operations here at Lutheran Church of the Cross and Aliso Viejo Christian School. It is my goal to alleviate some of the responsibilities for the business parts of the Head Pastor, Pastors and School Administration’s jobs so their time is better focused on the ministry and educational aspects of their respective jobs. With an extensive background in finance, some teaching experience and experience in human resources and customer service I feel that the Lord has been preparing me well for this job. I also know that I will be blessed ten-fold by the co-workers, families and children that I serve.

My passion for this position, LCC and its ministries comes from a long time relationship with the church and AVCS. My family has been a member of Lutheran Church of the cross since 2008 and my daughter, Natalie attended school at AVCS from Kindergarten through 8th grade. To say that I believe in our church and school programs might be an understatement!

My favorite Bible verse is: “With God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26

Kevin Murphy


Aliso Viejo Christian School is a ministry of Lutheran Church of the Cross Teaching the Christian faith is integrated in all we do, because we believe in one God who is eternally revealed through the Creator, our Heavenly Father and source of knowledge; through Jesus Christ, His only Son and our source of salvation; and through the Holy Spirit, the Sustainer and Giver of Faith. Qualified Christian teachers provide an excellent learning environment of safety, security, respect, and Christ's love. More Info >>