Aliso Viejo Christian School International Department

Please contact Jasmine Woo, Program Director of the International Department at Aliso Viejo Christian School at (949) 389-0300, for more information regarding international admissions.

Welcome to Aliso Viejo Christian School.

God bless to all the students and families who are interested to be a part of Aliso Viejo Christian School (AVCS).

My name is Jasmine Woo and I am the Program Director of the International Department at AVCS. It is our desire to provide our students with the best Christian education possible and it is my honor to share this Ministry with students from abroad.

We now are living in a world that is called as a “Global Village”. Advanced transportation methods and communication tools have enabled this generation to expand its view worldwide. To be an informed citizen in the United States today requires one to have a deep understanding of the importance of events, people, and changes happening outside our nation’s borders. And therefore, by inviting international students to AVCS, I hope to allow our students and families to acquire levels of international understanding and sensitivity that are essential for our nation’s and individual’s future success. Furthermore, I believe that through this ministry, we are given an awesome opportunity to reach out to share our faith with students from different background with different perspective of salvation at our own campus and homes.

Since 2007, AVCS has been actively inviting international students from abroad. Some stayed for a few months and some have completed our rigorous program to further their studies in high schools across the nation. From where they are from or for how long they are with us at AVCS, we have supported everyone to be a part of AVCS family and it has been such a blessing and joyful experience for all.

We believe in the potential of every child as they are created in the very image of God. Our mission is to empower the students to achieve their highest potential. We attain this goal through the dedication of our staff, commitment of our teachers, and conviction in our Christian faith to ensure the success of every child in the Program.

With so many benefits to provide to our students in our strong nurturing environment of a Christian school, I invite you and your family to become a part of our school. We look forward to seeing you in the near future.

Jasmine Woo
Program Director of the International Department

Bible tells us in Mathew 28:19, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”