Promoting Behaviors that reduce spread:


AVCS will continue to promote Healthy Hygiene Practices on our campus. We will teach and reinforce proper washing of hands, avoiding contact with one’s eyes, nose, and mouth, and covering coughs and sneezes among students and staff.

AVCS is committed to implement screening procedures for both staff and students entering the facility. This will include, but is not limited to, visual wellness checks and daily temperature screenings, before students or staff members enter the classrooms.

AVCS has a plan for Physical Distancing inside and outside the classroom. This includes minimizing the contact at school between students, staff, and families at the beginning and end of the school day. This includes in-classroom procedures such as increased spacing between desks, moving teacher desks further from student desks, providing students with screen barriers for use on their desks, and minimizing face to face contact when it is practical. When it is practical and safe, AVCS staff may consider outdoor space for learning while adhering to appropriate physical distancing. Students will be spread out at the covered lunch areas and clear screens may be used to limit face to face contact during eating.

AVCS will continue to address and modify its protocol as we receive new and more accurate information from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the CDPH (California Department of Public Health).

AVCS 2020 Re-opening School Guidelines


AVCS 2020 Re-opening School Guidelines


AVCS has submitted documents as part of the waiver application to re-open our school.

Maintaining Healthy Environment


Maintaining Healthy Environment


Cleaning and Disinfection:

AVCS staff will clean and disinfect frequently-touched surfaces in the school throughout the day. Frequently-touched surfaces include (but are not limited to): door handles, light switches, tables, student desks, and student chairs. The playground equipment will be disinfected daily.

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AVCS will minimize the use of high-touch materials, limiting the use of the materials as appropriate and will disinfect shared materials between use in enrichment classes. AVCS will avoid sharing of electronic devices, clothing, toys, books, and other learning aids as practical. Students will have their own individual supplies at their desks within the classrooms. AVCS will have the campus “fogged” using state of the art cleaning and hygiene machines to deeply disinfect the entire campus monthly. Our facilities and maintenance teams have increased the daily cleaning routine on campus during the day and nighttime shifts.

Facility Modifications:

Our facilities team has evaluated every room on campus and made alterations, removing and re-organizing furniture to increase and encourage social distancing in the classrooms and common areas, such as the computer lab and library

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AVCS will institute new routines for entering and exiting our buildings. For example, students and staff will enter building B from the front doors and exit only through the back doors. AVCS families will be provided with a video tutorial on the new AVCS cleaning protocol.

How to talk with kids about COVID-19:

AVCS encourages an open dialogue with your children when it comes to discussing COVID-19. The CDC website has some wonderful tips for opening the line of communication during this time.



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  • Remain calm – children will react both to what you say and how you say it.
  • Reassure children – that they are safe. Let them know it is okay if they feel upset.
  • Make yourself available – to listen and talk when they have questions.
  • Avoid language that places blame on others that can lead to stigma.
  • Provide information that is truthful – and age-appropriate.
  • Empower children – to reduce the spread of germs by more frequent and intentional washing of hands.
  • Pray – for healing and the eradication of this virus. Encourage children to have faith and pray that a cure can be found for this virus.

Contact Us


Contact Us


AVCS is using the “COVID-19 INDUSTRY GUIDANCE: Schools and School-Based Programs” document released by the California Department of Public Health on June 5, 2020 as one of our reference points for implementing Health & Safety protocols on our campus.

Leave (Time Off) Policies and Excused Absence Policies:


AVCS will maintain our Attendance policies as outlined in our Parent Handbook. Absences for illness (ie: COVID-19 illness) will be excused. “Students will have as many days to make up missed work as they were absent.”

Gatherings, Visitors, and Field Trips:


AVCS is committed to offering weekly chapel services during the 2020-2021 school year. We will attempt this through physical distancing in our sanctuary as well as offering chapel through Zoom if necessary.
At this time, AVCS is choosing to eliminate classroom volunteers and visitors while students are on campus.
For the school year, 2020-2021, AVCS will hold virtual assemblies and field trips until further notice.


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AVCS 2020 Re-opening School Guidelines