Grades JK thru 5th



COMPUTERSStudents in Elementary are scheduled to attend a weekly class in our Computer Lab with a dedicated instructor. The students will learn the importance of internet safety, to identify the parts and the functions of the parts of personal computers. Following that knowledge, this course will cover the topics of developing hand-eye coordination by mouse usage and basic keyboard skills such as text production and use of the function keys. Students will be introduced to such varied topics as use of an internet browser, how to navigate such programs as Microsoft Windows and Office Suite applications and search engines to find information on the internet, and being able to copy, save, and print documents from various sources. The students will use their knowledge to apply it to actual in class research assignments and projects.

DRAMA: Students in JK thru 5 th Grade meet weekly with our AVCS Drama Teacher. Our Drama program is designed to build confidence and create social and emotional awareness within our students. This class time can be an outlet for an intelligence of which a student may yet be unaware or a talent yet undiscovered. In drama class, students do a variety of activities appropriate to their age level, including game play, acting out scenes and improvising skits.

LIBRARY LEARNING CENTER: Homeroom teachers have set time aside for students in grades Jr.K-5, to attend class at least once a week in the Library. The AVCS Library exists to stimulate children’s interest and appreciation for reading and learning. We provide resources that enhance and contribute to individual knowledge, enlightenment, multi-cultural awareness and enjoyment in the most efficient manner possible. We especially recognize our responsibility to serve as a place for children to discover the joy of reading, to gain confidence, to be excited to reach their AR goals and to learn the value of respecting all students at various reading levels. The Library Learning Center is equipped with “Makerspace” stations that expose students to a wide variety of hands-on activities that can spark interest, creativity and, hopefully, identify and awaken a hidden passion that will stay with them through the coming years. The Library has a special mission to young children and their parents to encourage a love of reading and learning together as a family..

MUSIC: The AVCS elementary music curriculum consists of a well-planned sequence of developmentally appropriate experiences leading to clearly defined skills and knowledge. The program is designed to actively involve students of all learning modalities using materials carefully selected for their aesthetic value. Students will visit the Music Lab once a week to meet with a dedicated instructor and participate in activities that include many opportunities for students to sing, play instruments, move to music, listen and analyze, learn musical notation, create, and perform.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Twice a week our AVCS students meet with our Elementary PE Coach to engage in many different forms of physical activity with the hope that they will grow healthier physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Equally important is the hope that students will develop both the passion and knowledge to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives, including regular exercise, balanced nutrition and healthy relationships with man and God. Lower elementary students progress through various games and activities that increase physical fitness while providing functional practice to utilize learned skills and team building. Upper-elementary students are exposed to a wide variety of sport and fitness units aimed at providing a foundation of physical preparedness and mental confidence that will prepare them for athletics at the next level and, ultimately, healthier lifestyles down the road.

SCIENCE LAB: The elementary science programs is committed to increasing student interest andparticipation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and to developing curriculum that provides opportunities to apply science, technology, engineering and mathematics concepts and skills in integrated and meaningful environment. Students will meet with our Science Teacher in the dedicated Elementary Science Lab once a week to experience problem-solving: using critical thinking and evidence to create solutions and make decisions. Problem-solving and critical thinking are two of the most important skills students learn in school. They are essential to making good decisions that lead to achievement and success during and after school.

SPANISH:  Our AVCS elementary students will visit our Language Lab with our Spanish Teacher once a week for an introduction to the Spanish language and the culture of Spanish Speaking Countries. Students learn vocabulary that is relevant to their everyday tasks and activities. Students learn how to greet and respond to greetings, express likes and dislikes, make requests, follow commands, and begin to provide information in Spanish. Students learn the elements of language and the structure of Spanish in order to form sentences and conversations.   Students are exposed to Spanish language in various ways; music, books enhanced by visual clues, games, authentic materials, photos, posters, calendars, signs, charts, videos and textbooks.   Students can understand learned expressions, simple questions, and commands. Students also participate in projects that enhance their understanding of the Spanish and Latin Culture.