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Lutheran Church of the Cross broke ground to begin building Aliso Viejo Christian School in 1999, this included 9 classrooms, school and church offices, a multipurpose room (worship/chapel/gym) and kitchen on 5 acres with a soccer field and full play-structure.  The second phase was built in 2001, we were blessed with a state of the art, two-story building hosting 13 classrooms, a computer technology lab, and a library. This enabled AVCS to expand our enrollment to include two classrooms for each grade level and add additional classroom options for Middle School. In 2010, Aliso Viejo Christian School expanded again by constructing a third building including a state-of-the-art gymnasium and theater, the Hangar (a youth room with a small stage and game center), three classrooms, spirit store, athletic offices and a dedicated instrumental music room. This addition relocated and improved our outdoor basketball courts and playground which was later covered completely by a shade-structure.

Today, Aliso Viejo Christian School, has an enrollment of approximately 380 students filling Junior Kindergarten through Eighth Grades. AVCS is the largest ministry of Lutheran Church of the Cross and maintains a non-denominational Christian environment in which our curriculum is enriched with our faith in Jesus Christ.


Aliso Viejo Christian School is a ministry of Lutheran Church of the Cross Teaching the Christian faith is integrated in all we do, because we believe in one God who is eternally revealed through the Creator, our Heavenly Father and source of knowledge; through Jesus Christ, His only Son and our source of salvation; and through the Holy Spirit, the Sustainer and Giver of Faith. Qualified Christian teachers provide an excellent learning environment of safety, security, respect, and Christ's love. More Info >>