AVCS will continue to work with Educational Products Inc (EPI) to obtain all of the school supplies that your child will need at school. EPI is a leading supplier of pre-packaged school supply kits. We were very pleased with the products and service we received from them last year and will continue to improve upon this program over the coming year.

What This Means For You:

• NO more crowded aisle ways with your children
• NO more searching for the purple, 2 clasp, plastic, pocket folder or the 8 ½” x 4 ¾” x 2” pencil box
• NO more driving from Target, to Staples, to Office Max to get the “Best” deal
• NO more arguing with your children over items they WANT but aren’t on “The List”
• NO more hearing from you child, “But Mom… Everyone ELSE will have the blue sparkle pen”
• NO more hauling bags of school supplies to school on the first day
By using EPI, we benefit from their buying power and EPI guarantees all of their products!

The Way This Works:

• EPI purchases products and assembles them into kits for each student
• EPI delivers supply kits to AVCS
• Your child arrives for their first day of school and their supply kit is already on their desk
• No additional cost for you… Your registration fees have covered the expense!
AVCS is hopeful that you will find this to be a benefit to you and that this will alleviate some “back to school stress”. Your grade level MAY require a few supplies be purchased directly by you to be used at home. If your grade has any requirements for additional items, that list will be included here below.


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