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e are an accredited, private, Christian school where our distinction in education is fueled by our faith in Jesus, our dedication to excellence, and our students’ success. Our loving staff is focused on taking the well-rounded student to their highest potential. We value the academic experience alongside vast enrichment opportunities in a small, nurturing, classroom environment. Together, we are Courageous and Compassionate Conquerors!






"Words truly can't express our affection and sincere gratitude for this little "educational gem" Aliso Viejo Christian School embodies the perfect balance between scholastic achievement and character development.  We are completing our third year with AVCS, and it has been a blessing to see the growth in my kids - academically, emotionally and spiritually.  From their rigorous academic curriculum and inclusion of foreign language, theology and state-of-the-art computer and science labs to their fun enrichment and after-school athletic programs, this school has been fundamental in the cognitive and emotional development of my girls on many levels.  The staff, from the teachers all the way to the principal, are first class all the way.  The principal has an open-door policy and encourages open-minded and civil discussion amongst parents, staff and students.  The families are friendly, approachable and serious about their children's education and mutual success of the school.  There are varying levels of parental involvement in and outside of the classroom, however, while it is always welcome, it is never mandated.  Children are loved unconditionally, and AVCS "walks its talk".  If you are looking for a cohesive, intimate learning environment with a rigorous and well-rounded curriculum and a plethora of fun extracurricular activities, look no further!"

- Meghan Brown

"My daughter attends Kindergarten at AVCS and we could not be happier with the school.  The class sizes are smaller than public schools and the care that the teachers and staff give the kids is very loving, kind and compassionate.  The education is terrific and the different programs they offer for activities are great for the kids.  My daughter was involved in the Spirit Team (Cheerleading) and loved it.  Also, the cost for the school is very reasonable.  If you're thinking about private school you definitely should check this one out."

- Lauren Helsel

"I cannot say enough great things about AVCS! The teachers are dedicated and are always up to date and furthering their professional education. The students not only get a top notch education in academic subjects, but the school truly cares about character building. It has such a strong community which has always made me feel so great dropping my child off every morning! The students have PE, Meet the Masters art program, Class Act music program through the Pacific Symphony, Science Lab, and Spanish starting in Kindergarten! The Principal, and Assistant Principal, greet the students every day, and they provide strong leadership for the teachers, the families, and the students! There is nothing better than hearing your child tell you how happy they are to go to school every day! I am so thankful there is a school like AVCS in our community."

- Lisa Casey

"We absolutely love Aliso Viejo Christian School.  Both kids, one in 1st the other in 3rd grade, have had truly great teachers since starting at the school.  Both children love going to school, learning new things, and sharing what they've learned with us.  I am a high school teacher and I truly believe that our children are learning great study and learning habits at a young age that will carry over once they too will be in high school and beyond.  The values and morals that the school has are on par with what we teach our children and appreciate that they do teach the kids.  Having a partner in a school is something that we find invaluable and we really couldn't be happier."

- Rima Clarke




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1 Orion, Aliso Viejo, CA. 92656

(949) 389-0300